Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Getty Center photos 11-11-2009 (1)

Artistic and bold. Very cool.


I love Monet.


The Getty Center photos 11-11-2009

Sculpture by the front sections.

Coffee, beverages and snacks. Long line!

Oh my! This is the fountain I saw on Project Runway where this one guy, I think Christopher used for inspiration as his last project! He got voted off. Sad.


A beautiful day at The Getty Center

Decided to go to The Getty on Veteran's Day, so did many other people. It was a great day for the arts.

People waiting for the Tram to go up to the museum.

What grand architecture! I just love it!

Giant tennis racket!? Just kidding.

What a great jacket to wear to The Getty!

This sculpture reminds me of my sister and I (though kind of scary looking).