Friday, May 14, 2010


From the April 2010 travel issue of Elle Decor... Someday soon, I will visit Tokyo!!

Honey-combed Prada Store by Herzog & de Meuron. What great architecture!

Claska Hotel~ Clean and simple...that's what I love!

Is MK a human child?

Sometimes I wonder if Milukhu could be a human baby, not just a furry baby. She sleeps on her side of the bed every night with me! And, she'll know when I'm getting ready for bed, it's time to jump up and be comfy...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sliver glittery nails

I've been staying home for the last 3 days, recovering from my newly developed allergies. Don't know what it is...but I feel awful, eyes burning (can't wear contacts), sinus acting up like crazy, can't stop sneezing... it's just terrible. Oh I feel miserable!

So what do I do to cheer myself up? Paint my nails! Probably not the best idea since the chemicals in the nail polish is pretty toxic, but beauty has a price...right? I did sneeze even more afterward. =p

I think I did a pretty decent job at making my nails glittery. Maybe the look suits the Christmas holiday season better? But, I don't really care... I always do what I like for myself. It makes me happy... Shiny and glittery things always puts a smile on my face.

Try it, it'll cheer you up! =)

*Revlon nail color: Silver Screen
*N.Y.C Long-wearing Nail Enamel: 105A Starry Silver Glitter
* Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer: 310 Clear'd for Takeoff

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't judge a book by its Cover!

I am still trying to learn this. It's not easy. Trying to give people the benefit of doubt troubles me sometimes, especially since my recent judgment of people in general has failed me miserably.

Animals are different. It's quite simple... treat them well, and they will love you~ unconditionally.

Ying Yang (named for obvious reason)~ she doesn't look sweet at all! But, she is the sweetest kitty! She might even be sweeter than my own babies. Ying Yang lives outdoors, sleeps outside the doorstep of a neighbor who "kind of" took her in after another neighbor moved away and couldn't take her with them. When I first saw Ying Yang, I couldn't help myself but to think "what an ugly kitty"! She then followed me around, even to my side of the building... she looked really friendly, nonthreatening at all. She was just hungry. I fed her and we became friends.

She meows like a little girl and is always there to greet me when I come home or when I pass by. I have to say, her look grows on you... I actually see the beauty in her now. Beauty is REALLY in the eye of the beholder! She is really cute!

So whenever I feel like judging, Ying Yang is there to remind me... to give people a (another) chance, even if they've given me much heartache and great disappointment.

And, so if for some reason, they prove me wrong again... I will then have learned another valuable lesson in life.

Meow Meow~ smile kitty, smile.

My Sweetie

Bumpy~ my sweet... my heart, always by my side.