Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sonia Kashuk's Blending Sponge

At first I thought I found a great dupe for the more expensive Beauty Blender that sells at Sephora for two times the price ($20). Unfortunately, I am sorry to report that this product is definitely not worth the $10 it sells for at Target. It is no good. After several uses and a few cleanings, the point of the sponge started to come apart. Little pieces of the material keep on coming off. Originally I liked this design much better than the pricier Beauty Blender, which is just shaped like and oval egg. The Sonia Kashuk one has more curves and contours better when applying foundation to the face. The coverage looks more even and you can get into the corners or your eyes/nose, etc... BUT, a good design cannot and does not compensate for the cheap material that it is made of.

See the little pieces of sponge particles flaking off? I don't know if I got a defective one or all of them are like that. On, most of the reviews are pretty good, so... I'm just wondering if I got unlucky. However, I believe all the sponges are made with the same material so it wouldn't make sense that only mine would flake off like this. I have no clue.

I am going to bring it back to Target and see if I can get my money back. This is a waste if all of them will end up like this after a few uses. I'm so disappointed. Most likely I will not be repurchasing this product.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Red Heart's POM A DOODLE ~ Berries and Cream kid scarf

I just recently discovered this adorable yarn with little pom poms. They are the Red Hearts Pom A Doodle yarn. So cool!

I knitted this Berries and Cream (a lovely color) for my dear friend's little daughter. I really hope she'll enjoy it while it keeps her warm.

It knitted up fairly quickly. One skein knitted up this scarf that measures approximately 50 inches X 5 inches, using size 9 needles. All I did was "knitted" every row." The trick in knitting with this yarn is never pull the pom pom through a stitch. I will definitely be getting some more of this yarn to play with in the near future. =)

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Why this mascara is called "Great Lash" is beyond me. Why this mascara's got such an over rated rave over the years also amazes me. In my opinion, this mascara sucks. It does not deserve all the attention it's gotten, which I really think is misleading... All the hype about it makes one expect it to perform miracles. It does not.

When I tried it, it made my eyes water like no other mascara. The texture felt like ink (kind of like from a sharpie pen) to me, yet it was not that build-able to create a full volume effect without looking like an old lady with clumps of spider legs lashes. Combing out the lashes is a pain and extremely tedious, that is if you don't yank out your lashes first. You cannot coat your lashes to create more volume with this, but creating thick clumps is definitely not a problem!

In my book, this product by Maybelline gets a big thumbs down. I would never repurchase this no matter how cheap it costs. In fact, I wouldn't even take it if it's free! It is not "Great".

Review from says it all:

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Marie Callender's Fresh Flavor Steamers (Frozen Meals)

A great bargain is what I am looking out for all the time these days. I used to do it only simply for the fun of it, but now... well, let's just say money matters much more now. SO, finding a great deal now is not only fun, but almost necessary!

Last week I bought these Marie Callender's Fresh Flavor Steamers frozen meals at Target for only $0.93 each! Target had a special of these for $1.93 each and I had $1.00 off coupons printed off of Marie Callender's website so they end up to be less than a buck each! All six for less than 6 bucks! I amaze myself sometimes at the stuff I'm able to find these days, haha.

These definitely beat those $1.00 Budget Gourmet meals, both in taste and quantity. The only problem, if any with these meals is the the sodium content. Pretty much all of them have at least 50% of a days worth!

Rigatoni Marinara Classico ~ pretty tasty, but very salty! Drink lots of water with it.

Sesame Chicken (w/ noodles)~ the sauce is much too sweet for me. I think the Asian flavors are not really suitable for Asians, haha.

Maybe I'll go back this week and see if they have any more of these on sale. It's convenient to bring for lunch too. =)