Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ebisu- Little Tokyo

Late night restaurants are at times difficult to find, especially for a picky eater like me. Ebisu closes really late, so when we browse around in Little Tokyo, we often end up here. Their Hamachi Kama is usually pretty big, unlike most other Japanese restaurants'. On Friday, after watching "Spirited Away", we were hungry and needed to eat some real food, so we drove over to Little Tokyo, thinking we wouldn't have to wait at Daikokuya. Boy, were we wrong! At 11pm, there was still a long waiting list there. Our tummies couldn't wait, so we headed over to Ebisu. I kind of like this "Japanese Tavern". Cozy and the food is good.

My favorite!

Pork Cutlet is really good. It's black pig.

I actually don't know what this starter dish was. The texture was like tuna, but kind of tasteless. I didn't care much for this.

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