Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Feedable Korean B.B.Q. Restaurant

We decided to go for All-You-Can-Eat Korean B.B.Q. for dinner last night. It's been a while, but since the weather is suitable for this type of comfort food, the night seemed appropriate to indulge here.

This is as good as it gets in my area. There aren't too many of these Korean Buffets around my home, so I consider fortunate that this place even exist. Dinner for adult is $19 each. Kind of pricey, but if you bring your appetite, it's worth it. For us little gals, it probably wasn't. And, I stuffed myself. Guys who eat lots of meat should make it worthwhile though. =)

The photos didn't turn out too good. Sis took them. I'm actually waiting to get my new little Cannon Digital Elph. Maybe Santa will bring it to me soon!

Green Leaf Letter and seaweed soup.

Some Kalbi and Bulgolgi, pork belly on the grill. The Kalbi was pretty good. But the pork belly was not edible... too tough!

Jap Chae, Edamame and a broiled fish we did not finish. We had to hide it under other plated to avoid getting charged an extra 20% on the bill.

Pan Chan (too many to choose from). Bad pic.

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