Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seeing David Garrett- finally!

Last night was like a dream. Well, at least for 2 hours or so. I finally got to see David Garrett in person! It was surreal. I've never been starstruck, until now.

I just cannot believe it when he came out on stage... it's really him! I've been listening to his music for a long while now and it's just so unreal that he was right in front of me! Listening to David play in person is a very moving experience. For me at least. He told a few stories in between his pieces as he usually does in his shows and from them, I felt kind of sorry that he is so tired! He did not say that... but, he told a story about how he used the wrong key card to try to open his hotel room one night in Boston because he had been traveling so much and got confused. He also mentioned he had just broken up with his girlfriend 2 weeks ago ( I take that as the truth)! How terribly sad... and who would break up with David Garrett!! Anyhow, I just felt that he must be so tired. It must be really straining with all the back to back traveling.

We had pretty decent Orchestra seats, 9th row and almost dead center, but it was simply a pity that I did not have a decent enough camera for low light photography. Flash photography was not allowed, which wouldn't have made much difference any way. I should have borrowed a professional camera from my friend... oh well, at least I got some images of the show for great memories to savor for a long time to come.

At the end of the show, I bumped into Franck, one of David's guitarist who also co-wrote "80's Anthem" in the parking lot before they all were getting back on their tour bus. He was smoking a cigarette and though I hated the smell of it, I just had to see if I can talk to him! Well, it turns out Franck is a very nice guy. I told him how much I enjoyed his show and he said it was a lot of fun for him too. They were heading to dinner (how I wanted to say, can I come too?) and then to San Diego next, then fly off to Little Rock. They have such a tight schedule... no wonder half the time, David doesn't know where he is at. Franck was nice enough to have a photo taken with me. =) For the rest of February, they are playing at a different location almost every day!

Just as we were getting ready to leave the parking lot from the theater (the Wilshire Ebell), David walks towards me... well, not exactly towards me, but towards his bus... and I was standing right by his bus talking to Franck. When he was just 2 feet away from me, all I managed to say to him was "Do you mind a photo with me?"... I wanted to tell David how much I loved his music and HIM! But, being star-struck... I suppose, became speechless! He said, "Sure, common!" held out his arm and gestured for me to stand next to him. He is pretty tall! I think at least 6'2"! My pic did not come out good and the lighting from the parking lot was just awfully BAD... but... nonetheless, it's a photo with David Garrett! Who knows when I'll get to see him again! I got to touch his violin "case", the case that holds the amazing Stradivarius that's worth millions... only because it was on his back and I hooked on to it when we had the picture taken. =) Funny thing is... before the show, I had an odd feeling I'd be able to get a photo with David! Strong 6th sense I guess.

How I wish I can follow him to San Diego and watch him play all over again!!

David's tour bus.

The lounge at Wilshire Ebell... kind of creepy... and the smell was unpleasant.

People starting to trickle in before the show.

David enters playing "Kashmir".

The red backdrop was really distracting... not good for photos either.

At the theater lobby, when almost everyone's cleared out.

Franck Van Der Heijden. He is super nice!!

David looking really tired... poor thing.

Thanks for a great show, David! Hope to see you again real soon.

(Sorry David... about the bright ugly parking lot lamp above your head!)


  1. Thank you for posting your story. What a great night you had, and so glad you got to meet Frank and David. I took my son and flew down from Victoria to his Seattle concert. I know what you mean when you finally see him live. I have all his CD and the DVDs from Germany, but to see him live and hear and feel the music is amazing. His concert was beyond amazing. He is so talented, and his stories flow and are amusing , and you are right, some are sad, or they struck me sad too. It must be very hard to keep a relationship when you are travelling for 11 months of the year, but I hope one day soon he will find that special someone.
    We have a bit of a similar story. We met him too, but it was the next day. We were having breakfast and right beside our window , the tour bus pulled up. We didn't know for sure it was until we saw Marcus walk through the restaurant and onto the bus, then Frank came through. We finished our breakfast and went outside and saw Frank at the front of the bus having a cigarette. I took my son up to say hello and shake his hand and let him know how much we enjoyed the concert. We then walked back up a little way to a side door by our hotel. We ran into a another couple that had flown down with us and we talked for a bit when lo and behold David walks out the door. He was at the same hotel and we didn't know it. I must admit I was a bit starstruck, didn't think I would be that way, but there you go. I finally said hello and thanked him for a wonderful concert, he said thank you and my son just said, great and he thought is was nice to see a younger person at his concert. He then walked over to where Frank was and I asked my son if we should go over and get his autograph on his poster. My son is quite shy and he said, no, he was just glad to have met him. It was so strange because I felt that too, that we would somehow meet him. I debated going over there when I saw both David and Frank just lift there faces up to the sun and have a quiet moment and I just couldn't intrude. Then they waved, hopped on the bus and were gone. It was such a whirlwind. I too hope they come back for more concerts in the US and hopefully Canada. I hope you will get to see him again.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience with me too! I'm glad you and your son got to meet David and Franck as well! I was in shock, just for David to stand right next to me! Unfortunately, both my sister and I were sooo stunned that we didn't remember to ask for an autograph or how to take decent pictures. I still can't believe I did not even tell him how much I enjoyed his music. Hopefully we'll all get to see him and bandmates again real soon! =)

  3. Thanks for posting these pix - I was at this show and I was sitting further back, so did not get the kind of pix I wanted to - you did fine with yours! The pixel size is large enough that you could post cropped shots that would look terrific!

  4. I went to his Alexandria, Va concert on 2/22/11, then went to the one at the Hard Rock in Orlando. Both were fantastic. I really love the pictures of him after the concert. Thanks for posting them.

  5. hmmmmm...i wish i was there....

  6. you were so lucky :)
    i am fan of David too, but perhaps ... sadly... i would never get a chance to see him in real life ...

  7. I love David forever and ever

  8. i wish i was there too:(

  9. He is one of the most beautiful man. Love his smile.

  10. You are so lucky to have seen David in concert. I envy you :)
    It is my biggest dream to see him in real..
    I admire his music, talent n i lovee him ....
    i love everything about DG...

  11. I don't understand one thing. I remember he said in 2012 that he is single since 4 years, so how could he broke up with a girlfriend in 2011? Does anybody know ?