Thursday, March 3, 2011

Make Up Memories- Pied Nus from Shiseido

I've been trying to clean out my stuff for the past several months.  Though progress is slow, I'm finally getting some things done.  The next thing to tackle is to sort out all my clothes, bag, and shoes.  Oh the thought of sorting is already overwhelming!  The truth of the matter is, I have way too many pairs of shoes, too many handbags and definitely have too much clothes lurking in my closets that I'll never wear ever again!  I keep asking myself, how much clothes does one need?? After all, there is just 365 days in a year and there are tons of stuff I've not touched in the last year... anyway.... I go back and forth with this, trying to convince myself to get rid of at least 50% of all my "stuff".  Still working on it.

Well, while going through things... and my makeup collection.  This little box presented itself.  OMG, it's just been sitting in my closet unused for at least... umm... about 10 years!  It's the "Cherub Veil" powder from the Pied Nus line from Shiseido (in Lavender).  Pied Nus is now discontinued and was the predecessor to Shiseido's current Maquillage line.  Looking at this cute package brings back a whole lot of memories for me.  I remember I purchased it at Strawberry Store in Hong Kong on a short trip.  I guess I must have brought it back and decided it was too cute to open up to use and stored it away.  I'm sure it's still good, since it's powder and no bacteria can grow in an unopened dry product.  However, I'm debating if I should even open it or just to keep it the way it is for old times sake.

Not only that the Pied Nus line is now defunct, this little container does give me quite a lot of old memories not to mention, reminders.  Ten years ago, I had a certain drive about life that I think I've now lost.  I certainly did not think I'd be in the situation I am currently in.  Not that I didn't not have stress or problems back then, but things were just simpler and more carefree then.  Perhaps I had not experienced so much downfall yet.   I don't think I've ever been happy with myself, what ever the situation or place in time I was at.  Well, I'm here at another juncture in my unstable life and I'm trying to change my outlook and attitude of life.  It's so very difficult and I'm not even sure that I'll succeed at it.  But I'd say taking the first step to move forward is a good sign... it's a positive thing.

Time sure flies, whether if you are having a good time or not.  Naturally when times are good, it's never long enough.  Looking back, this past ten years just flew by in a heart beat.  I really don't know where all the time went.  It is like I fell asleep on day and woke up the next day and everything has changed.  Surely, there are memories to reminisce about, but the more I remember them... it seems the more sadness it takes me back of how much time has past and yet I could be doing a whole lot better in life.  *Sigh*

Well, nothing stays the same forever...AND, nothing IS forever.  (Now I kind of understand why organization experts often suggest to get rid of old things.) Ha ha.

(I think I'm going to leave it "unopen".  The packaging is quite cute.)

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