Sunday, June 13, 2010

A "quiet" Birthday (some celebrations here and there).

I had a pretty quiet birthday this year. Quiet and calm... is the way I like things to be. Not that I've ever had a massive, crazy party for my b-day, but I just kind of wanted to forget I ever had a birthday starting this year. It's the age thing, I suppose or it's just that time passes us by too fast.

Anyhow, I did get to attribute many meals and little celebrations for an entire month towards this birthday, which was kind of cool and special in its own way.

My B-day is on the 29th of May, usually around Memorial weekend. This year it landed on Sat. The day before my birthday (Friday), my new bosses actually surprised me with a little celebration with a yummy cake during lunch! I was touched. It has been quite a while since I've gotten this kind of treatment at a job. The singing and cake-eating was short and sweet, but nonetheless... a wonderful gesture. I was happy and it started off my month of celebrating. For someone who wanted to forget having another birthday, it sure is funny that I'm using it to eat many meals and feel special! What can I say... I'm vain.

Chocolate/Mocha cake. Pretty yummy!

I look like a goldfish!! After my little b-day celebration at work, the same Friday night I had a birthday meal with just Mommy and me. I ate too much cake earlier and didn't really finish all the food we ordered. We decided to go casual and headed over to Stonefire Grill. I like how nice all the servers are there. All the food is so tasty and the atmosphere is warm, cozy and so very casual. We hung out there until closing!

Another lovely gift that came in the mail from my dear friend.

Just what I needed! Can't ever get enough of knitting needles.

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More YUMMY meals to celebrate my BIG (quiet) Birthday...

On the way to Little Tokyo for another din din...

I decided to get myself something. Lorac is one of the better brands I like. The texture of their products are amazing.

Lastly, a free burger meal from Ruby Tuesday. Not great, but free. =)

Until next year....

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