Thursday, July 8, 2010

Serious Skin Care A Wash - A Defiance

I've tried many things from SSC in the past and most of their skin care items are okay. But this facial wash made me break out! I had this bottle for some time now and it's still pretty full. So, the other night I decided to use it again and I broke out the next day!

The liquid is very thin which doesn't bother me, if it did the job. Unfortunately, it's a terrible product that reminds me of dish detergent. After washing my face, my entire face felt tight and dry. Now I remember why I left it alone unused for some time. The Philosophy still has the best cleanser in my book. I guess I'll use it to wash my feet or something. I would not purchase this again. Thumbs down.

From HSN, 16 oz, $49.95!

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