Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rediscovering David Garrett, the Violin Virtuoso

A few years ago, somehow I saw David Garrett playing the violin on TV. I also saw him on Oprah a while back as he played "The flight of the Bumble Bee", showing he is the fastest violinist in the world. Sure I enjoyed watching him a few time but didn't really become a fan... that is...not until almost just 2 weeks ago... Now I can't stop playing his music!

One Saturday evening, about 2 weeks ago, I fell asleep with the TV on. It was supposed to be a nap... so I guess my mind did not want to really go into the rest mode completely, (also being the light sleeper that I am). My eyes were nonetheless tired and so was my body on that particular night. I knew the TV was still on and the TV remote control was right next to me so somehow, I clicked a few buttons on the remote control by accident and changed the channel to KOCE (PBS) and closed my droopy eyes to dozed off again. Next thing I hear was...David Garrett's violin playing! It was the most beautiful music I woke up to. Rock Symphonies~a PBS concert special where David played in Berlin just a few month ago was on! I wanted to watch the entire show, but I couldn't even keep my eyes open, so I listened to the music and opened my eyes here and there to take a glimpse of the show. Ever since that night, I've watched the show on PBS at least 5-6 times, every time it was on again! I cannot get enough of the wonderful, beautiful and passionate sound of David Garrett's violin playing, especially his rendition of Albinoni's Adagio. It is so moving.

So glad that he will tour L.A. next year. I will be at the Wishire Ebell Theatre next February to watch David Garrett live in action! I feel like a teenager all over again... getting so excited and anticipating seeing him play in person!! I just can't wait.

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