Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend movie w/ bratz babyz Cloe

The apartment has been in a big mess for quite a few weeks now. Originally I wanted to use Labor Day weekend to get uncluttered, however there just never seem to be enough time to do what I plan. Normally, I wouldn't let the place get so messy... actually, I have no idea how all the rooms became so disorganized... after all, I am sort of a neat freak, but now I don't feel so good looking at the mess I've managed to create. Oh well... I suppose one can allow some slack once in a while. And, I really need good rest instead of stressing over getting organized again.

So... I end up bumming around all weekend and watched a movie on DVD. And, I watched it twice! It was the move " Valentine's Day". These days, I rarely go watch movies in the theater unless it's a movie that requires the larger than life "movie-going experience" such as the epic movie AVATAR. Anyhow, I never did see Valentine's Day. So, with a bag of chips by my side, I watched it Saturday night and again today, Sunday. That was how much I loved the movie. I just thought each of the stories intertwined in the movie were so well played out. It was so charming and definitely would have made me more emotional if I had watched on Valentine's Day this year. Well, I just enjoyed it very much.

My bratz babyz, Cloe kept me company while vegged out. Sometimes, just really need to relax and do nothing... even if my apartment is a big mess! I had a really stressful work week. I guess I'll plan to clean up next weekend (again).

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