Saturday, November 20, 2010

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Why this mascara is called "Great Lash" is beyond me. Why this mascara's got such an over rated rave over the years also amazes me. In my opinion, this mascara sucks. It does not deserve all the attention it's gotten, which I really think is misleading... All the hype about it makes one expect it to perform miracles. It does not.

When I tried it, it made my eyes water like no other mascara. The texture felt like ink (kind of like from a sharpie pen) to me, yet it was not that build-able to create a full volume effect without looking like an old lady with clumps of spider legs lashes. Combing out the lashes is a pain and extremely tedious, that is if you don't yank out your lashes first. You cannot coat your lashes to create more volume with this, but creating thick clumps is definitely not a problem!

In my book, this product by Maybelline gets a big thumbs down. I would never repurchase this no matter how cheap it costs. In fact, I wouldn't even take it if it's free! It is not "Great".

Review from says it all:

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