Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dinner with old friends

I had a lovely dinner with two of my older friends last night. Allen came in to L.A. from D.C. for business just for a few days. I was glad to see him after neglecting to keep close touch for almost 8 years. Since he got married, it's just difficult... with him being a guy and me a gal and all. That's the way it always is with my guy friends. I should have made more gal friends growing up because all my guy friends seem to eventually depart from close friendships with me after they marry off. And, I perfectly understand...I really do! I don't blame them and at times, I'm the one that literally back off, though very sad... I understand the situation... I really do! I wouldn't want my man to have a best female friend either! It's just sad for me. Anyhow, I haven't seen Allen for years, since he got married 8 years ago. He lives in D.C. with his wife and son now. Allen's best bud, Ken actually lives not too far from me, whom became a good friend years ago too, but I also haven't seen for about over a year! Wow, time flies. It's a pity how busy everyone is with life and next thing you know, so much time's passed and everyone's drifted apart before there's a moment to get together. I hate it when this happens.

Fortunately, our gathering last night was very warm, just same as years before, no awkwardness at all. It felt just like old times. The evening couldn't have been sweeter. Conversations were great... laughter was present throughout the night. We all reminisced the past, repeated old stories and cracked up about stupid things. I realize how much I missed these friendships. Maybe as time goes by, what matters more are valuable friendships. Some one once said to me, you may know a lot of people/acquaintances in this life time, but consider it lucky if you have just a few good/true friends for life. It indeed is absolutely true.

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