Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Milukhu got chin pimples.

Poor Milukhu... got a little pimple right under her lower lip. And, another one's brewing... that's about to surface. I tried to use a warm compress on her chin, but she can't and won't stay still long enough for it to be effective. When Bumpy had a few of these pimples, she was so good! I used a tiny Hello Kitty warm towel on her and she loved it.

Milukhu is a spoiled brat, but still my little (fat) girl. Hopefully in a few days they'll go away. I think she's been licking stuff off the carpet (bad girl!) and that's how she got some bacteria that caused the pimples. My girls haven't gotten these since I switched their plastic bowls to ceramic. I thought it did the trick, but I guess I have to wipe the kitties' mouths after feeding.

(red dot under lip is the tiny pimple!)


  1. What a beautiful kitty! I love the markings around her eyes.

  2. Thank you! I had no idea I had a comment here! =)