Friday, January 23, 2009

Knitting UFOs

When I just started to learn how to knit, I read an article about UFOs (Unfinished Object, not the flying disks in the sky), I asked Rosa, my gal pal that got my knitting started, how many UFOs did she have. I did not and could not have imagined why knitters often talked about UFOs... and why they would have so many banished projects stashed in the closet! Well, Rosa told me she had quite a few, and from many years ago, like 20+ years even. Oh my!

Now as I'm learning more and knitting more, I could understand how this could be. Even though I haven't learned how to knit socks, sweaters, and gloves... (mostly still on scarfs, shawls, little felted things here and there), I already have 3 things kind of just hanging around with no real progress. I guess to be a real knitter, you just have to have some UFOs! Haha. I imagine we all either get stuck or just bored with the projects.

This is one of those lost UFOs I'm talking about: The color is off (I hate my old point and shoot digital camera!) It started off as a scarf but since I didn't follow the pattern or used the yarn suggested... the width is wider, plus I used 2 strands of yarn for this. It is now officially going to be a wrap. I'm think it could be done then! Yeah!

The color of the yarn "dusty rose" should look more like it in this bottom photo: (my cheap camera doesn't do it any justice.) It's in a basketweave pattern.

However, I do have lots of "finished" projects. One of which I am most proud of, is my felted knitting bag. Even though I did the bottom in my own way- the wrong way (the outside should have been the inside)... it's still a very nice and versatile bag.

I made tubes for the handles and stuck industrial rope in them to make them more stiff. Btw, another UFO is in the bag. It's a chunky scarf for this winter. Hopefully it'll be done before winter is over! It should be done fast if I set aside one afternoon for it, since I am using those sz 50 speed stix (Gigantic needles!)

This little Chopstick Holder- I actually use and love a lot. I keep chopsticks in my purse most of the time because I hate the disposable bamboo kind that a lot of Chinese restaurants give. I've gotten too many splinters from those.

Isn't it darling? Rosa seem to think so. =)

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