Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday The 13th- the curse?

Every year I kind of dread "Friday The 13th". There always seem to be things going wrong on this day for me. It's not that I am superstitious about it. Instead, it is often after the incident occurs that the realization kicks in that it was "Friday The 13th". No exception this time, only that it came early in my book! (Gosh, I hope nothing else goes wrong to follow up). I am convinced that this date is just not a lucky one for me. The number 13 itself isn't so bad, as most would think. The problem seems to be the combination of the 13th of a month landing on a Friday. Sigh...

I was locked out of my apartment last night. So I take it that nothing more negative (I pray) should head my way... Since it had been raining on and off the past week, I jumped at a chance to do all my laundry when the sun peeked through. It was actually a pretty nice day- in the day time, that is. I hogged up the laundry room, planned to do about 4 loads and was thinking once I'm done I can sort all of my clothes (a pending project sitting on my to-do list forever) to donate and reorganize. I also wanted to spend a day or two getting all my work clothes ready for my new job on Monday. It was great to avoid fighting with other tenants over the washers and dryers in the late afternoon... I took my sweet time and thought I can go about my day as planned and on schedule. Well, plans never work out as they should, especially mine! I should have learned this years ago.

I came back to my apartment to drop off a load that was done, but because I drove my car around to my parking spot from my garage, all that was in my mind was hold on to "car keys". So when I came back out to go to the laundry room, I grabbed nothing except my car keys. Stupid me. What was I thinking. Lately I've been lame... just a week ago I flooded my bathroom because I forgot I was running a bath! Thank God there were no real damages. Anyway, once I closed the front door I knew I was in deep poo poo. I had no wallet, no cell phone, no garage remote, nothing with me other than my car keys. I guess that was better than nothing.

In the end, after having no sound solution and with no luck in getting in touch with the Apartment emergency number, I got Shaun (a neighbor/friend/apartment manager's son) to help by opening a small kitchen window for me to climb in. He always told me it's good being a small girl. I did the same few years ago when I locked myself out too. I'm paranoid now that someone else can do the same if they wanted to break in! Shaun says they'd have to be skinny enough. I suppose, but I'm still concerned. Note to self: find security solution for this. Anyhow, I guess I should be more concerned about how to have a sane mind in not repeating this again.

I am so sore from all the running around and the hauling of my loads of laundry after I got back into my apartment. Then when I headed back to the laundry room to get my last 2 loads out of the dryer, I found out some idiot took out my clothes and tossed them all over the top of the dusty dryers because they wanted to use the machines. I was so pissed. My clothes were just washed and dried and they had no courtesy at all. Couldn't they wait? I don't care how long the clothes were sitting in there, you don't touch other peoples' clothes! That's just a big no no! I would never do that to someone else. But after this, I think I should change my mentality. There's no sense being courteous when others aren't. I grabbed my clothes and left. By now, it was almost 10pm and I was starving. If I wasn't so famished and tired, I probably would have thought about doing the same to them. Some people are just idiots. I don't want to be nice any more!

Looking back, I think I should consider the positive aspects of the incident. I should be grateful that at least I had my car with me. I'm glad at least I was able to find Shaun for help. At least I'm small enough to climb through the kitchen window. And, I'm grateful that at least it's done and over with. I hope this incident was IT for the early Friday The 13th curse I seem to fulfill every time it comes around.

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