Monday, February 9, 2009

Market Run (99 Ranch)

After a quick ramen dinner at Tamaya, we hopped over to the market to grab some groceries. My fridge has been pretty empty for the most part for days and other than some junk I been debating to throw out, I have no food left.

I bought just one of this fruit to try. I just learned that this fruit which looks like an orange, is called "Minneola Tangelo". It's a hybrid between a tangerine and either a pomelo or a grapefruit. Interesting looking, wouldn't you say? I hope the one I selected is sweet!

I thought this picture was kind of funny. I was trying to pick out a cabbage when the produce guy came with new boxes of the fresh green ones. Of course then I waited until he finished placing them because I wanted the greener, newer, fresher ones. So, the guy had to move all the old yellow cabbages to the side, to make room for the green ones. He was piling the old ones on one by one by smashing them down like they are some huge softballs. I guess he wanted to make sure they stayed in position. It was hilarious. He looked mad though. Sis said maybe the boss made him work overtime. The dude damaged the pitiful looking old cabbages even more than originally were. The might as well just toss them out, no one will buy them now. Poor cabbages... I bought one newer, green one. =) I wished I had the nerve to snap a picture of this dude while he was "doing his job".

I might not be a Food Network chef, but... I do know what bananas look like! These are Pomelos, aren't they?!

OK, I may be Chinese, but these "Chicken Fingers" are just absolutely grotesque! Completely disgusting with the finger nails and all. I almost had a heart attack when Sis showed them to me.

I wish they had better quality produce at 99 Ranch. These pomegranates don't look so pretty, do they?

I want a new camera.

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