Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Making Too Many Lists

I don't know when was it that I started a habit of making lists. Maybe it was when I worked in VOIP. It was necessary I suppose when multitasking. Anyhow, such a good method turns out to be not such a good thing for me now. I missed the whole point of making lists! It should be just a "list", one at a time.

I have a habit of making a list, not following what's on that list... doing maybe just a few
things on it... then making a new list, while holding on to the original list...crossing off maybe another few things, then re-do that list and so forth. I end up with tons of paper lists...a small pile of them! Then I get frustrated in sorting through them, I'll turn to my outlook, input all the TO DO items there, thinking I'll just compile and consolidate ALL the items/tasks/errands/appts. etc... in one place...then I'll be set. Well, that doesn't work either. I keep items in pending too long and continue to change the due dates! Oh gosh... I'm annoying myself. I even had a PDA at one point and sold it because I frustrated myself for not following what I set out to do. Should I just relax, not be so uptight, and just go with the flow of things? No more lists? But I can't operate without seeing what I need to do in writing. So such a good habit turns out to be a bad one for someone like me? Am I just a procrastinator and that's that, nothing will change my behavior, that's why I can't follow lists I created for myself?

Although it is frustrating, I find myself getting on top of things FAST when need to, like the very last minute before that something absolutely needs to be done. What kind of person am I to do this? Sigh.

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