Monday, February 9, 2009

Why I need Rain Boots!

It's been raining on and off since Thursday. I've been paranoid that the ceiling in my apartment will leak again. I know it probably should hold up since they put up a brand new roof last January. But still... I worry because I went through hell last year with the lack of urgency from the apartment management when the ceiling was falling apart due to heavy rain.

I am sort of stranded when the rain starts pouring down hard. It is always completely flooded at the bottom of the stairway. Those damn roofer never cared to install another pipe long enough for the water to deter straight toward the opposite grassy area. Instead, the drain pipe is installed in the direction that crosses the path of my stairway. So, going in or out of my apartment is a pain when it rains. The apartment management is a pain too. They just don't care when I complain.

So... I've been looking for a pair of rain boots to transport me to and from my garage. Sigh...

I do enjoy the rain... other than when I get wet and that it causes traffic jams, etc. But for the most part, it is a nice feeling to curl up with a good book or sleep in when the rain is pouring outside. I may even enjoy a walk in the rain, if I had some decent looking rain boots to keep my feet dry when walking through the flood at the bottom of my staircase!

I did order a pair of rain boots. By the time they arrive, the rain might have already stopped. Oh well, I'll be ready the next rain then. There's no way I'm going to risk getting my leather platform heels wet again!

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